“Chiropractic is the only thing that helps my allergies in the moment- instant sinus headache relief! I highly recommend an adjustment when suffering from allergies. I love the laser! Thank you Dr. Gross for your kind and caring demeanor!” – Cindy N.

“I was referred  by Joel the nutritionist at Windmill Farms because I was suffering from migraines. I’ve been coming to Dr. Gross since then, which was the end of April. I have noticed DRAMATIC changes in my energy levels, posture, headaches, back pain and sleep improvement. YAY!!  Thank you Dr. Gross for your ability to listen to my individual need as a patient. I’m grateful that you took the time to accommodate me and my back and neck issues you are the best!!! The adjusting techniques I experienced were wonderful.” – Emily L.

“I just wanted to thank Dr. Gross and Lavonne for taking care of me throughout my pregnancy. I started seeing Dr. Gross when I was about three months pregnant. I was planning to do a natural birth and it was highly recommended by my doula to get chiropractic care from someone trained in the “Webster Technique” for pelvic alignment. This is when I sought out Dr. Gross. I was a little nervous at first but after a few treatments I was comforted by Dr. Gross’ knowledge. About a month into going, I had to stop due to family circumstances and it was then I became a firm believer of Dr. Gross’ care. I began to experience the pregnancy induced back pain and headaches. After my first visit back I was already feeling better. Dr. Gross saw me from then, twice a week in the beginning, then once a week towards the end till my baby was born. I am happy to say I was successful in my un-medicated birth. I strongly feel that a large part of my success was due to my sessions with Dr. Gross, keeping baby head down and my pelvis aligned. I would highly recommend Dr. Gross to anyone seeking chiropractic care, especially during pregnancy.” – Katie B.

“I felt that I needed to go to a chiropractor but I didn’t know where to go. Then I was referred to Dr. Gross by a friend at work. I have been seeing Dr. Gross for about  six months now and my range of motion in my neck and back have improved greatly. I am in less pain and I love it! I feel great! The staff is very friendly and I look forward to every appointment.” – Trevor D.

“I have been seeing Dr. Gross for almost two months now, and believe I finally found a really great chiropractor, focused on total wellness and recovery rather than symptom maintenance.  I have seen other chiropractors since I was a kid, some great and some not so great.  None though, have done such a thorough assessment as Dr. Gross did, and none have included additional treatments such as laser treatment for tension headaches, muscle work, etc, at no additional cost.  I started seeing Dr. Gross in my 39th week of pregnancy when my OB reported to us that my daughter had flipped to a breech position.  She told me I could do yoga stretches such as downward dog to try and get her to flip to a head down position, but that we would need to deliver via Caesarian section if she didn’t turn.  I went home and started searching the internet for what else works and learned about the Webster technique.  There are many trained providers in the Webster technique, but I wanted someone certified with something so critical to my health and the health of my baby.  I found Dr. Gross listed on the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association website. I explained the situation, and his office team, who are extremely friendly every time I go in, got me in the next day.  I saw him two days in a row, and by the third appointment, I had an ultrasound with my OB that confirmed that my baby flipped to a head down position.  While that was the reason I went to Dr. Gross, I was just as surprised and pleased that other pregnancy related symptoms, such as pelvic symphysis, were relieved after the first treatment.   I could walk without pain again and had completely given up on that as a possibility during pregnancy (based on talking to my OB and everything I read on my own).  My only regret was that I didn’t learn about Dr. Gross in week 28, when I started experiencing discomfort.  I went on to  have a healthy, vaginal delivery, and a happy healthy baby.  After delivery, I had a quick recovery, but the many nights of holding and rocking the baby took it’s toll on my neck and shoulders and I started having tension headaches.  Dr. Gross adjusted those spots, did laser treatment and muscle work, but also taught me stretches and exercises to do daily to build muscle.  With a family of five, my goal is not to stay in chiropractic care forever, my goal is to address the problem and access treatment as needed.  Within the two months I have worked with him, Dr. Gross has been reducing the frequency and now I am seeing him every two weeks.  I will continue to receive treatment from him, and can recommend him with confidence to pregnant moms and others looking for a chiropractor that truly focuses his practice on helping people get and stay well.” – Mary W.

“In 2002, I hurt my back lifting something heavy at work, and Dr. Gross was instrumental in my recovery during that time.  I have been a patient off and on over the years. Last year, I had a surgery on my knee and my post-surgical outcome was poor.  I was left with limited mobility, muscle atrophy and increasing chronic pain.  The kind of pain that takes over your day and clouds your mind.  My knee, back and hips were screaming!  I was sent to Physical Therapy and even the therapist said they didn’t know what else they could do for me.  I was feeling hopeless. I reached out to Dr. Gross and was fit into his schedule immediately. We scheduled frequent visits to work on different causes of the pain.  I was so grateful to partner with Dr. Gross to relieve my pain.  He is caring, effective and thorough.   Dr. Gross took the time to explain cause and effect, to listen to my concerns and challenges, and created a treatment a plan that provided me with relief and HOPE. I saw slow and steady relief of the chronic pain, increased mobility and felt hopeful that I could eventually return to my activity levels of the past. Being treated wasn’t just about getting rid of pain, this was about getting my life back, – playing with my kids, doing a job I love, and getting back to my favorite hobbies. Recently, I was able to run at the park and get down on the grass to play with my kids.  That joy, laughter and quality of play that I experienced with my kids wasn’t possible a couple of months ago.  Thank you, doesn’t seem like enough, but it is a good place to start – so, Thank You Dr. Gross! It is so easy to stop getting treatment after the original reason for a visit to the Chiropractor is addressed.  Dr. Gross reminded me of the importance of “maintenance” care – something that I have always been terrible at.  I am now a firm believer in keeping my body tuned up, so all the wheels don’t fall off before I come in.  My quality of life has improved tremendously since becoming “a regular” at EJ Chiropractic.  I am so grateful for Dr. Gross!” – Stacey P.

“I was referred to Dr. Gross from a dear friend and co-worker in the health care industry. Not long ago, I called Dr. Gross for an emergency treatment and he fit me into his busy schedule on the same day. It was the first time I experienced laser treatment for a burst Baker’s cyst on the back of my knee. At the start of my session, my pain level was an 8 out of 10 and I was hobbling badly with crutches. By the end of the session my pain level was only a 3 out of 10. I could finally bear some weight on my right leg and my range of motion vastly improved. When I walked into the office the next morning for another laser treatment, I was down to 1 crutch and the pain was barely present and my range of motion was 90% restored. Since being treated by Dr. Gross, I have had improved posture and total body alignment and an improved sense of over all well being. Thank you Dr. Gross! You truly are a magical healer with a great personality and fantastic staff! I recommend EJ Chiropractic to everyone I meet.” –Nancy B.

I was introduced to chiropractic when I was in high school. My sister in law works for a chiropractor and I love the way it made me feel. At that time it was the hard adjustment cracking with all the strength he had and that part I didn’t necessarily like. I met Dr. Gross almost 14 years ago when my daughter was in a car accident. I love the way he listens to you and tries different ways of bringing you relief. I’ve come in hunched over or holding one arm or the other against my chest because I can’t raise it above my head. I  depend on Dr. Gross and I know when I come in for an adjustment that he’ll put me back together again good as new and I depend on that  as I get older. Dr. Gross and everyone in the office has been supportive, positive and welcoming and very much appreciated by my family, friends and especially myself. Thank you Dr. Gross!” – Diane W.