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About Chiropractic

Chiropractors are the 3rd largest group of health professionals who have primary contact with their patients, and their number is expected to double by the year 2010. Why is this? Because chiropractic is safe, non-invasive, natural, preventative health care that searches out what is causing a patient problems and fixes that. An example would be...if you have a headache take aspirin right? Why not find out what is causing the headaches and correct that. Taking an aspirin is like turning off the fire alarm in a burning house...

Your brain controls your entire body and relays all information down the spinal cord. In between each bone in the spine is a hole that a nerve feeds through and connects to every organ and cell of the body. When your spine is out of place your nerves may not be working properly. Why not at least get checked today to have a healthier tomorrow? Most people get their teeth checked for cavities and don't have their spines checked for misalignments.

Warning: Don't use pain as an indicator for care... First comes misalignment, then malfunction, next disease, and last is pain...

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